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DMPS Co., Ltd.(DMPS Co., Ltd.)

회사명 영문(국문업체의 경우 영문회사명 노출)

Address () 3041-36, Suin-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel 82-031-313-1942 Fax 82-031-314-9326
Site www.dmps.co.kr
Booth No. H120


Founded in 1993, DMPS has made efforts to secure Korea's industrial competitiveness by strengthening DMPS digital printing competitiveness based on top talent and know-how in printing technology, and by establishing information systems in various industries such as reputation printers, LCDs, transportation cards, beauty cases, and semiconductors.
We will continue to develop and sell DMP series that are faster, cleaner, and higher-quality resolution, and DM series that match the needs of our heads. Thank you.