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CHANG DAE HOTMELT SHEET Co., Ltd. specialized in thermal transfer film manufacturing
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It started as a one-man company in 2003 and has grown gradually based on solid technology, and was converted into a corporation in 2009. We achieved annual sales of KRW 60 billion through continuous annual sales growth. Based on thorough quality control, continuous product development, active service response, and long production experience, we are leading the number one domestic heat transfer vinyl manufacturer, and we are doing our best to satisfy customers through direct production of all products.

Based on the trust in CHANG DAE products all over the world, we are doing our best to provide excellent quality products and service to America/Europe/Asian countries.


Following the first participation in the domestic exhibition K-PRINT 2021 last year, the second exhibition will be held at K-PRINT 2022. This year, as well as meeting domestic and foreign partners who have built up long-term relationships, it has been established as a festival to express gratitude and share new product introductions and trends with industry officials and end users. It is an opportunity to show the growth and development of CHANG DAE every year to customers


The first new product, 'Photochromic' vinyl, is a product with special UV effects and has the characteristic of changing color when exposed to UV light. YELLOW, BLUE, VIOLET, and MAGENTA are scheduled to be released in a total of four colors, and as the color changes when exposed to light, it is a product that can be used appropriately for event design.


The second new product, ‘Rainbow Spectrum’, is a vinyl with a chameleon effect, in which several colors change complexly depending on the change in the direction of light and the angle of the viewer. This has the advantage of visually emphasizing the design as well as viewing pleasure. In addition to the hot-melt type suitable for transferring clothes, a sticker version that can be attached to various objects has also been released.


CHANG DAE HOTMELT SHEET Co., Ltd. is striving to develop various products based on the know-how of the whole production of all products (from raw materials to finished goods). After the pandemic, development has been focused on special effects with a lot of attention. In photochromic, color change occurs by exposure to UV light, and the rainbow spectrum also undergoes complex changes in various colors depending on the viewing angle. New products with these visual characteristics create a special synergy effect when used with other products.


CHANG DAE HOTMELT SHEET Co., Ltd. started from a small warehouse and expanded our facilities based on solid production capacity; from the Yangju plant to the headquarters in the Jeokseong Industrial Complex in Paju and the largest production plant in Korea, Paju Glitter Plant, Icheon Raw Material Plant, Goyang Sales Office, Dongdaemun Direct Store. At the same time, we were able to solidify our position at home and abroad, including being selected as a global small giant, achieving an export tower six times, and receiving the Presidential Award. This is the reason why we were able to achieve annual growth of 60 billion KRW in exports with partners in more than 50 countries in 5 oceans and 6 continents for 19 years.


CHANG DAE HOTMELT SHEET Co. Ltd. is preparing various projects to meet our customers in various ways not only in Korea but also abroad, so if you receive news through the CD FLEX SNS accounts (Instagram, YouTube) and the official website (www.changdaeflex.com), we will visit you with fun and enjoyable projects.


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