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BINDTEC, the only paper/film banding machine manufacturer in Korea, participating in K-PRINT 2022
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We began as an importer and distributor of for financial companies in 1983 and grew into a banding machine manufacturer since 1990. Starting with our cash banding &strapping machine we also began exporting our products.

We continued to expand our portfolio and customers to include tray bands for semiconductor companies such as Samsung Electronics and Hynix, drug container bands for pharmaceutical companies, as well as various banding and strapping machines for different industries, food plants, and bills.

Our products use pp bands, paper or film bands, depending on the place of use. We continue to tailor our products to our customers’ needs.

Also, we continue to strive to actively respond as a reliable partner as we keep up with the increasingly diversifying and sophisticated packaging industry.



European and Japanese products had been the main stream in existing market in Korea, but the needs of domestic products is gradually increasing because overseas products could not keep up with the buyers’ follow-up service needs. In keeping with the needs of the customers, Bindtec has decided to participate in this exhibition for introducing our products, which have two features: ‘low-price, high-quality’, and fast follow-up service at the same time.





YL-420 Series is a CE marking product which can bundle various things, such as printed materials, dried laver, lunch boxes from convenience store, buy-one-get-one-free products and pouches. For consumables, you can either use film band, or paper band in one machine. YL-420 has features of odorless, automatic temperature control while operating. Also, Operators do not need to wait pre-heating time. Lastly, its sensor can detect transparent or black materials which are difficult to be detected by normal sensors



It has become more important supplying products with ‘less-packaging’ and using ‘eco-friendly materials’ among Korean industries. This causes the increase of banding machines demand and Bindtec had to develop the new product, YL-420 which is easier to operate and able to band more various goods, in order to satisfy customers’ new needs because existing product line-up was not enough to follow this trend.



Our domestic annual revenue was more than 2 billion Won by selling our products to banks, semiconductor manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and print producers. For overseas annual sales, we have exported more than 20 countries and the last year's export value was more than $450,000 US dollors.