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TOOAND, a leader in researching and developing only small-sized A4-sized flat-bed printers for anyone, participating in K-PRINT 2022
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Tooand Co., Ltd. is a leader in researching and developing only small-sized A4-sized flat-bed printers for anyone to use in any space, and produces products developed by ourselves, not overseas distributors or imported products. Tooand has designed each part with a focus on the durability and user convenience of the product, and has developed a dedicated printing software to make the printer easy for anyone to use. In the future, in line with the business goal of PRINT YOUR VISION, we will lead not only founders but also various customers to unfold their dreams and visions through Tooand Co., Ltd.



We would like to sell NEOS300 and P.Art products made based on the outstanding technology developed by Tooand in K-Print 2022 and strengthen the corporate brand through K-Print 2022. Especially, participating in the K-Print exhibition, to make it easier for all prospective printmakers to access and successfully start the printing business, we will introduce flat-bed printer specializing in golf ball printing, frames and figures. In particular, we provide English manual and video A/S support so that overseas customers can easily introduce their products.



[NEOS 300]

The NEOS300 printer comes with self-developed software that makes it easy for anyone to print to a golf ball. With its small and convenient design and performance suitable for golf shops, it has been sold the most in more than 100 places in Korea, and Neos300 is exported to the United States, Japan, and Vietnam. It can print 12, 24, and 36 balls at a time, and it can print more than 50,000 pieces per one charge with a continuous ink supply method. And you can fine-tune many options with the easy interface of the operating panel.




It can print high-resolution images directly on various materials such as wooden frames, puzzles, and figures, and can be printed according to the size and shape of the product, boasting high utilization. In particular, solvent Special Ink, which is researched and produced by Tooand co., Ltd., can print clearly that does not erase and smudge, and because of the use of a halogen heater, it is no problem to touch it immediately after printing. You can easily edit pictures, resize, brightness, contrast, and fine-tuned features in the P.Art-only printing software for high-level printing.



All products of Tooand Co., Ltd. are developed by ourselves, not overseas distributors or imported products. We designed and developed each part focusing on the durability and user convenience of the product, and we developed our own printer specializing in golf balls and frames/figures with high consumer needs. The printer size has been reduced so that it can be installed and used even in restricted spaces. The compact A4 size flat-bed printer P.Art and Neos300 go well with any indoor space, including classrooms, science rooms, personal workrooms, and golf shops.



In 2021, P.art printers were delivered to science rooms in 13 schools in Gangwon-do. Last year and this year, we exported Neos300 to the U.S., Japan, and Vietnam. All A4 flat-bed prints of Tooand Co., Ltd. are 100% self-developed and are produced with high quality parts and excellent technology, boasting high durability and increasing product satisfaction not only in Korea but also abroad. In addition, if it is exported overseas, we will provide video English manual from product installation to A/S, and if necessary, we will provide A/S through video call.



As interest in golf ball printing increases not only in Korea but also around the world, 2nd Co., Ltd. is developing products that make it easier to print golf balls. Currently, we are preparing to apply for a patent for the developed printer. Once the patent application is completed, we will participate in domestic and foreign golf fairs and printer fairs with a new rolling golf ball printer. In the future, we will try to ensure that golf ball printers made by us are available not only in Korea but also in overseas golf shops.