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Changdae Hotmelt Sheet Co., Ltd., a company specializing in heat transfer vinyl manufacturing, unveils ‘Rainbow Spectrum’ along with the launch of a new product ‘Photochromic’ at K-PRINT 2022.
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Changdae Hotmelt Sheet, a company specializing in heat transfer vinyl manufacturing, will participate in K-PRINT 2022 held at KINTEX, Ilsan, from August 25th to August 27th 2022.



At this exhibition, Changdae Hotmelt Sheet will unveil the ‘Rainbow spectrum’ vinyl that catches the eye of the viewer with its colorful color-changes along with the release of the ‘Photochromic’ vinyl that changes color depending on exposure to sunlight.


The newly released ‘Photochromic’ vinyl is a product with special UV effects and has the characteristic of changing color when exposed to sunlight. Yellow, Blue, Violet and Magenta are scheduled to be released in a total of four colors, and as the color changes when exposed to sunlight, it is expected to be a suitable product for event design.


The ‘Rainbow spectrum’ vinyl is also noteworthy. The ‘Rainbow Spectrum’ vinyl with a chameleon effect changes color complexly depending on the change in the direction of light and the angle of the viewer. This has the advantage of visually emphasizing the design as well as viewing pleasure. By releasing a hot-melt type suitable for clothing transfer, as well as a sticker version that can be attached to a variety of adherends, it is taking a step toward expanding the scope of the clothing market.


All-in-one printable vinyl will also be exhibited. The AIO printable vinyl is compatible with various inks such as MAX 1, MAX 2, MAX 3, BS3, BS4, etc. The AIO printable vinyl will be displayed at the booth along with various products, so it would be a good opportunity to check and compare the printability of the AIO printable vinyl printed with various inks.



SAM-SANG SEH, CEO of Changdae Hotmelt Sheet Co., Ltd., said, “Recently, environmental regulations have been tightened around the world, and consumers are also very interested in eco-friendly products. Changdae Hotmelt Sheet has acquired OEKO-TEX and VEGAN-OK certifications, which are eco-friendly certifications.” Then, he added, “It is important not just to simply focus on issues, but to listen to the voices of customers in more than 50 countries around the world.”



After successfully participating in K-PRINT 2021, held in the aftermath of the corona virus in 2021, Changdae Hotmelt Sheet will participate in K-PRINT once again in 2022, heralding the revitalization of the market. K-PRINT, the largest printing industry exhibition in Korea, is scheduled to take place in 2022 with 79 domestic and foreign companies and will be held for three days at the 2nd KINTEX Exhibition Center in Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. Changdae Hotmelt Sheet is located at the F300 booth in the 7th hall and will welcome visitors with a heat-press demonstration and a trendy exhibition.



For more information, contact Changdae Hotmelt Sheet Headquarters located in Paju (Tel. 82-31-859-7418) or official website(www.changdaeflex.com).




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