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DAEHO Machinery to showcase the cutting-edge CIP4 automatic cutting system
2022-06-10 Hits : 2389


DAEHO Machinery has been developing and producing its own cutting machine since 1986.

We have been producing all the products necessary for the cutting process, from small cutting machines for digital printing to extra large cutting machines for special film cutting, and lifts, sorting machines, and loading machines. All products are produced in Korea and exported to 33 countries around the world under our own brand.

DAEHO labs directly develop the latest technologies in hardware and software. We are expanding communication with customers by continuously updating the foundation software.



                                           [Product 1] i-780                                                                                   [Product 2] i-1160



In K-PRINT 2022, We will demonstrate and promote the cutting-edge CIP4 automatic cutting system optimized for the digital printing market independently developed by DAEHO Machinery.



The DAEHO i-780 paper cutter, the main product in this exhibition, is equipped with advanced software technology.

In the digital printing market where various types of prints are printed in small quantities, we have developed a cutting machine that can easily cut complex cutting tasks even for non-professionals. Even beginners who use the cutter for the first time can easily cut. There is no need to enter the cutting process one by one, just scan the barcode of the work order and the cutting process is automatically created.

Operators can easily cut through this process. This function succeeded in CIP4 interworking test with HP in 2015, and it is also compatible with CIP4 data of other companies.

As a SmartStream partner of HP, we exhibited cutting machines together with HP at the IGAS exhibition in Japan to show cutting using HP's SmartStream.

A total of 1,000,000 cutting processes can be stored, and the position error of the printed material can be easily corrected. Also, when the cutting is finished, the cutting operation completion signal can be sent to the workflow system. It can be usefully used in post-processing process control.



We are exporting cutting machines to 33 countries around the world, including Korea, the United States, and Australia. In addition, we’re SmartStream partnership company with HP, which produces the digital printing press INDIGO.