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1. Headline: ClariPi, ‘AI technology to remove CT image noise’ ClariCT.AI US Patent acquisition


2. Lead paragraph: ClariPi (co-CEO Park Hyun-sook, Kim Jong-hyo) participates in the 36th International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2021) from March 19 (Thu) to 21 (Sun) and shows ‘AI technology to remove CT image noise’ ClariCT.AI.


3. The body (Product Explanation) : ClariCT.AI is an artificial intelligence-based product to solve the radiation dose problem that has emerged in CT, and is an innovative product that generates high quality images for diagnosis with only a very small amount of radiation while using the existing CT device for examination.


ClariPi co-CEO Park Hyeon-suk said, “With this US patent registration permission, the uniqueness of ClariPi technology has been recognized worldwide once again.” “The performance and stability of the product has already been recognized through FDA and CE approval, and The excellence of the product was confirmed through testing and verification with a medical device company, and the acquisition of this US patent has provided a barrier to protect technology.”


The acquisition of ClariPi's US patent is believed to be an achievement obtained while preoccupying patent applications by global companies in the image diagnostic equipment market, which is a monopoly high-tech industry in developed countries.

AI technology for obtaining ultra-low-dose, high-definition in actual CT scans is a key technology that determines the dominance of the future CT market, and global CT companies such as GE, Siemens, and Canon are fiercely competing for patent preemption.


ClariPi has been recognized for its distinction in that it is an AI technology compatible with any CT device, while the patents of CT manufacturers are inevitably less versatile because most of the patents of CT manufacturers use the hardware characteristics of their CT devices. He explained that the possibility of entering the global market has opened up beyond the barriers to entry.

ClariPi is developing various related products based on its flagship product, ClariCT.AI, and is expanding its global sales network by securing agents in four major bases including the EU and the US.


Products for AI-based image reporting solutions include ClariPulmo (Emphysema, Pneumonia, Lung cancer / CE, MFDS certification), ClariSIGMAM (Breast density / CE, MFDS certification), and ClariAdipo (Abdominal fat, Liver fat / MFDS certification). In particular, ClariPulmo won the first prize in the "The 1st Challenge to Apply Artificial Intelligence Technology to Improve the Quantification of Low-Dose CT-based Emphysema" and is expected to be used in the national low-dose lung cancer CT screening program.

3. Finished Press Release

1. Headline – ILJIN MNC will sportlight with - TIANCEN laminating machine ZFM-106SX, JINBAO Severo motor controlled, High speed and Intelligent screen printing machine ,GUOWNAG GROUP Automatic die cutter with blanking machine T106BF and ZENBO Fully Automatic Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Making Machine ZB1100S-380S

2. Lead Paragragh - ILJIN MNC will sportlight with - TIANCEN laminating machine ZFM-106SX, JINBAO Severo motor controlled, High speed and Intelligent screen printing machine ,GUOWNAG GROUP Automatic die cutter with blanking machine T106BF and ZENBO Fully Automatic Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Making Machine ZB1100S-380S


3. The Body -

Shanghai Tiancen Machinery, a China based film laminator manufacturer, will show their new hot knife film laminator which model is ‘ZFM-106SX’ at K-PRINT 2021 in, Korea.

ZFM-106SX Automatic film laminating machine,  It is characterized by accurate cutting, fast cutting speed, No burrs on the cutting edges, and smooth entry into the subsequent process, saving labor. A new upgrade of intelligence and automation has been realized. This model adopts multi-servo transmission, which greatly improves the precision of lamination and production efficiency. The application of a new type of intelligent paper delivery mechanism and intelligent paper feeding mechanism increases production capacity and reduces labor intensity for users. Tiancen  laminating machine is mainly suitable for the laminating of PET film, especially for fine packaging laminating of high-end wine, cosmetics, food and medicine.

Shanghai Tiancen mainly R&D of hot-knife film laminator, UV varnish coater, and Digital spot UV and foil machines. In China, the first, advanced in the world, high speed hot-knife film laminator was born in Shanghai Tiancen, and has approved National Patent in China. Tiancen and Huawei we aimed at high technology and innovative achievements of post-press equipment, manufacturing of high-end post-press, press equipment. We provide more valuable services for different types of enterprises.


  1. JB-106AS is a new type of intelligent screen printing machine independently developed and designed by our company with completely independent intellectual property rights. It has three invention patents and five utility model patents. The speed of full-size printing can be up to 5000 pieces / hour under the requirement of ensuring the quality of printing products. For example, the speed of personalized product printing can be up to 6000 pieces / hour. It is the best choice for paper and plastic packaging, ceramic and cellophane, textile transfer, metal signs, plastic film switches, electronic and electrical components and other industries.

The machine abandons the traditional single power source belt drive shaft, gearbox and chain mode, uses multiple servo motors to drive Feida, conveying, roller and mesh frame respectively, ensures the synchronization of several functional units through automatic control, not only eliminates a large number of mechanical transmission parts, but also greatly improves the rigidity of printing machinery, and reduces the errors caused by mechanical transmission device Poor, improve the printing quality and mechanical efficiency, improve the automation level of the production process, improve the working conditions of the environment.


The cold foil unit can be connected with printing machine, finishing machine, screen printing machine and other equipment to realize the difference effect of laser imprint transfer process and cold ironing process. It can meet the needs of saving cost and space, and help customers to maximize the use of existing resources. The equipment has won a number of technical awards, suitable for cigarette boxes, wine boxes, cosmetics boxes, gift boxes and other high-grade printing surface finishing, to meet the printing enterprises for product decoration printing quality and decoration design diversified needs.






3. T106BF, as the function of automatic separation of pressing boards with two sets of waste clearing.

A new generation of T106BF has a number of new technologies and systems that will help you to improve efficiency significantly and bring competitive advantage. It has the function of automatic separation of pressing boards with two sets of waste clearing. Regardless of how the layout of the printing and the use of what kind of substrate, can be used in high-speed operation to clear the waste, as well as to ensure the orderly separation of finished products. The stripping chase adopts pneumatic automatic lifting up and down, and is provided with a standard quick-lock device and a center-line positioning function, which can make the preparation operation more quick and convenient. The front and back operation interfaces use 19 inches LED touch screens, making the most complex settings become simple and intuitive, to maximize the efficiency of the equipment.


4. ZB1100S-380S

Fully automatic sheet feeding paper bag making machine (independent innovation) adopts international advanced production process and management system. Humanized intelligent operation interface combines withPLC and servo control system make this machine’s technology, performance and production efficiency achieve the  leading level in the world. This machine is suitable for the production of Eco-friendly paper shopping bags with

twisted rope handles in line. T Roll and Paper

Twist rope as raw material to make Paper handle in line his machine adopts single sheet as feeding way, the handle making unit use Reinforce Paper

. Through servo delivery the handle, servo cutting and

 positioning, automatically paste the paper handle on the inside of the bag mouth, and then automatically top

folding(directly pasting), automatic creasing, tube forming, gusset forming, square

bottom open, bottom cardboard inserting ,bottom gluing、bottom pasting, compaction output.

This machine equips advanced compact servo handle cut-off system to replace the traditional complex mechanical structure, which reduced the setup time. The bag making machine and handle making unit have separate servo

Control systems to avoid the handle waste.



ILJIN MNC CO.,LTD is with 20 years of laminating import and export sales, we have been the head of China HUAWEI Group and GUOWANG Group in Korea, and the handling items are Thermal laminating machine, Silk screen machine, Hot foil stamp machine, Die cutting machine, Automatic shopping bag make machine, Laminating machine, 4Colors Flexo Printing Machine, QR machine, tray making machine, etc., and handling the processing machine after printing up to 22 kinds, and is selling by manufacturing an eco-friendly laminating adhesive used for laminating