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Small banding machine manufacturer BINDTEC CO.,LTD
2021-07-19 Hits : 3792

  BINDTEC CO.,LTD - (CEO Inyoung Eom, http://www.bindtec.kr) will participate in K-PRINT from the 18th (Thu) to the 21st (Sun) of the coming month and introduce a banding machine using paper/film band. You can meet the paper/film banding machine, which was only dependent on imports, as a product produced in Korea.

  The model is YL-420Series, and the band width is composed of 30mm and 50mm. Band lengths of 150m and 600m are available.

  It is possible to bind transparent or black products such as various printed materials, 1+1, lunch boxes, pouches, etc.

1. YL-420 (30) has a band width of 30mm and uses a band with a length of 150m.

2. YL-420(50) has a band width of 50mm and uses a band with a length of 150m.

3. YL-420S is a model with a stand and has wheels, so it is easy to move and can be equipped with a band length of 600m.

  Currently, it is used by pharmaceutical companies, food companies and printing companies, and is exported to Indonesia and Spain etc.