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Changdae Hotmelt Sheet, a company specialized in heat transfer film manufacturing, participating in ‘K-PRINT 2021’.
2021-05-03 Hits : 5029

Changdae Hotmelt Sheet, a heat transfer film manufacturer participates in K-PRINT held in KINTEX, Il-san from August 26th (Thursday) to 28th (Saturday).


Changdae Hotmelt Sheet will present new products such as ‘Rainbow Spectrum’ ,’Printable All in one’ and other new films, which will present the premium heat transfer film market trend.

‘Rainbow Spectrum’ is a product with chameleon effect and reflection effect. Various colors appear according to the direction and angle of the light, giving a special visual fun to the users. By developing not only the hotmelt type applied to clothing, but also the decorative sticker type that can be attached to various materials such as glass, it attempts to expand beyond the area of the clothing market to various industries.

‘Printable ALL-IN-ONE’ is also scheduled to be introduced at K-PRINT, which shows suitability for various types of inks compared to existing printable films and realizes perfect print quality. As a custom-developed film produced focused on the compatibility with newly released inks, the inks fully exhibit its performance, and it has been evaluated that it has obtained quality improvements such as printability, durability, and fastness. A great response is expected from the customers in European countries and the Americas, where ink use is restricted due to strict environmental regulations.

The first release of ‘Printable ALL-IN-ONE (Adhesive ver.)’ is also noteworthy. Excellent printability and enhancement of work efficiency are expected to serve as attractive purchasing factors.

Ahead of K-PRINT, C.E.O. Sam Sang Seo of Changdae Hotmelt Sheet said, “Changdae Hotmelt Sheet has been manufacturing all our heat transfer films including hotmelt sheets based on 18 years of manufacturing experience, differentiation strategies and cutting-edge technology since its establishment in 2003. We are getting a great response from the market by providing stable quality at a reasonable price.” Also mentioned, “As an industry leader, we always endeavor to present the high-end market trend and continue developing products that meet diverse lifestyles to satisfy customers.”

K-PRINT is the largest printing industry exhibition in Korea, and this year, more than 135 global companies from 16 countries at home and abroad will participate.

In this event, which will be held for three days at the KINTEX 2nd exhibition center in Ilsan, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Changdae Hotmelt Sheet will have a booth at D32 to D34 in 8 Exhibition Hall with various on-site events.

For more information, please contact Changdae Hotmelt Sheet Paju Headquaters (82-31-859-7418) or visit our website (www.changdaeflex.com).