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TG KOREA will spotlight it’s ‘Digital Inkjet Printer’, ‘Color Scanner’, and ‘Doctor Blades’ at Kprint 2020
2020-10-08 Hits : 5747

TG KOREA, a Korean Agent of BARBERAN in Spain will introduce their Digital Inkjet Printer with new technology “TrueTEXTURE at Kprint 2020 in Goyang, Korea on Nov 12-15, 2020.


The digital printing press is based on Barberan S.A. (www.jetmasterseries.com) is a product that can be printed on a variety of materials such as color boxes, furniture, flooring, tiles, steel plates, sandwich panels, etc. It enables the printing process of products manufactured by conventional printing machines with an innovative single process. It is a product that realized 0% fabric loss. Its main uses are color boxes, decorative printing (furniture flooring panels, etc.), and color steel sheets.


The color scanner is a product of Cruse GmbH (www.crusescanner.com) in Germany. It is a digital input device that is essential to completely digitally reproduce the manuscript. It is the same as natural light, and the LED lamp is irradiated at various angles to convert a manuscript pattern into various patterns. It is a large format color scanner that can be implemented and can generate 2D/3D output data by realistically digitizing 3D texture textures. Its main uses are for design centers (textiles, wallpaper, flooring, tiles, etc.), art galleries, museums, printing services, digital works for restoration of originals such as antiques.


Doctor Blabes are products of Daetwyler SwissTec (swisstec.daetwyler.com) and Ibotec (ibotec.daetwyler.com) in Switzerland. MDC Doctor Blade used for gravure printing, flexo printing, offset printing, screen printing, etc. will be exhibited. Is expected. As the world's oldest manufacturer of Doctor Blades, printing using Doctor Blades is the most important factor in print quality. If there is a lot of change in print quality or if quality improvement is needed, we believe that the cause of the problem can be found through consultation.



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In addition to the above products, TG Korea provides a variety of printing related solutions, and also supplies a Web Cleaner (product of Teknek, UK) and subsidiary materials related to printing that remove foreign substances from fabric and rollers before printing. In addition, in line with the changing consumer needs and digital printing process flow, since the late 2000s, efforts have been made to provide value-added information of digital direct printing such as labels, flexible packaging, color boxes, ceramic tiles, furniture, and household appliances.