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anilox roller laser cleaning system ALCS1000SF presented by Seeco Korea
2020-04-28 Hits : 5984

Seeco Korea will introduce at the K-Print 2020 the new ALCS1000SF system for cleaning anilox rollers and sleeve with lasertechnology.

Lasercleaning of anilox rollers is getting more and more popular in the world of printing industry . Laser cleaning  doesn’t use chemicals or water and doesn’t produce extra waste material. Lasercleaning only uses electricity, therefore it is the best method for the environment. The laser is a pulsed laser, the laserpulses are absorbed by the dirt( ink and polymers) the dirt gets heated and vapourizes.

The Ceramic will not damage because the laserbeam is only strong enough to vapourize the dirt . 

The ALCS1000SF lasercleaning system is very easy to operate, it is a fully automated system: autofocus for exact distance of the laserpistol to the diameter of the roller and the system automatically stops at the end of the roller. The dirt is absorb on filers of a extractionsystem.

The lifetime of the lasersource is over 15.000 hours. Cleaning an anilox roller of 30 cm takes 5 minutes this means with once lasersource over 150.000 rollers can be cleaned. This makes lasercleaning of anilox rollers the cheapest way of anilox cleaning

Anilox roller cleaning with laser introduced by Seeco Korea on K-Print 2020

Seeco Korea is specialized in cleaning anilox rollers since 2016.

Seeco offers this technology as a service to printing companies who like to have their rollers perfectly cleaned. For this service Seeco used a mobile lasersystem of the Dutch company”Laserclean bv”

Laserclean is specialized in cleaning anilox rollers since 2003 and has over 25 years of experience with lasercleaning of anilox rollers. Laserclean has a cooperation with the German anilox manufacturer Zecher who support the Laserclean technology.

On the K-Print Seeco will show the ALCS1000SF anilox roller cleaning system for cleaning anilox rollers and sleeves for the narrow-web printers. This lasersystem is offer for sale to companies who like to have their own system as a replacement for chemical or ultrasonic cleaning.

Laserclean offers anilox roller cleaning systems for mid-web and wide-web as well.