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메테오 잉크젯 Meteor Inkjet Ltd

회사명 영문(국문업체의 경우 영문회사명 노출)

국가 United Kingdom
주소 (18405)경기도 화성시 효행로 1076-8 한마음프라자 701호 메손(메테오 한국 대리점) 
전화번호 031-286-0768 팩스번호 031-286-7017
홈페이지 www.meteorinkjet.com
부스번호 G120
Meteor Inkjet Ltd (www.meteorinkjet.com) is a leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet electronics, software, tools and services. Working closely with all major print head manufacturers, Meteor supplies robust, production-ready solutions to printer OEMs and print system builders worldwide.
-. Optimized system and technical support for Commercial Graphic inkjet and Industrial inkjet (Display, etc.) development
-. Engineering & GUI development according to industry characteristics
-. Drop Watcher and WaveForm technical support
-. Printer Control Card
-. Head Drive Card
-. Meteor GUI for Scanning printer and Single Pass Printer
-. Waveform Editor for all type of heads (except Kyocera, Xaar and Epson)
-. Waveform Development service
-. Drop Watcher