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Why Exhibit?

K-PACK 2022 Korea Print Package Show

The focus of the global package industru is shifting from the existing manufacturing-oriented package industries to knowledge-based industries that create new values through convergence with new emerging industries such as information technology, bioenginerring and environmental engineering industries. Coupled with diversified user needs, these changes have established foundations for rapid growth in the coming years.
The Print Package Exhibition will showcase up-to-the-minute printing and packaging equipment and various designs for print packages, which will meet the needs of the times and serve as growth power for Korea's package industry.

  • K-PRINT, a total solution for
    the new future industry

    Print, Label, Package, Digital Print, Textile, signage and Advertisement industries: All are in one place...
    As new technologies have widened the scope of printing applications, there have been new blue oceans emerging in various fields including industrial and special printing.
    As an integrated exhibition of print, label, package, textile, signage and advertisement industries, the K-PRINT 2022 will be where you can find possibilities fr new markets that will open up the door to new industries.

  • A Global Knowledge Sharing Platform
    where Domestic and International
    Experts Gather in One Place

    During the period of K-PRINT, experts from each field are invited to identify the potential of evolving new markets, along with new technologies in printing, labeling, printing packages, digital printing, textile, signage and advertisement industries.
    K-PRINT presents competitiveness and visiton in order to prepare for rapid industrial changes.

Classification of Exhibits

  • Paper processing machines
  • Cardboard
  • Auto-adhesive machine
  • Adhesives
  • Testing&Inspecting equipment
  • Box making machine
  • Gravure printers
  • Paper packing technology
  • Inkjet making machine
  • Paper making and packing materials
  • Consumables and other relevant equipment